Marketing Technology Awards 2019 – Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch

We’ve been working together with our sister site, ClickZ, to honor the best and brightest marketing technology companies today (which includes some SEO-related tools).  These Marketing Technology Awards are voted on 50/50 by the community and by a panel of judges. The ceremony will be hosted by Scott Brinker, and Continue Reading

Benefits of Interactive Content for Marketing

Passive content, including video, is out for 2019, claims this infographic by Kaon Interactive, a provider of interactive 3D product marketing and sales applications. So what’s in? Immersive storytelling and interactive content, of course. Most people have become expert at skimming and scrolling, Kaon argues, so you need to give Continue Reading

How The Motley Fool leverages experimentation as a growth strategy: A case study

Case Study Executive Summary Company: The Motley FoolIndustry: Media; Financial ServicesBusiness Model: Premium Service SubscriptionExperimentation Champion: Nate Wallingsford, Head of U.S. Marketing Operations and Optimization at The Motley Fool Business Need: Increase paid user acquisition to hit revenue targets Increase user engagement with premium services Increase member retention Increase customer Continue Reading

Google’s Black Box Bidding Solution: A look under the hood

In today’s world, Google, Facebook and Amazon are the gatekeepers to digital shoppers. But activities that once differentiated savvy marketers from their peers – keyword research, ad copy and target URL creation – have fallen victim to these giants’ automated solutions, including Smart Bidding, Google Shopping and Responsive Search Ads. Continue Reading

Ubben’s socially conscious ValueAct Spring Fund bets on workplace wonk

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Jeffrey Ubben’s ValueAct Spring Fund, which invests in companies aiming to address environmental and social problems, is making a bet on an academic-turned-hedge-fund-manager who picks stocks based on how effective companies are as employers. Jeffrey Ubben, Founder & CEO at ValueAct Capital, poses for a portrait Continue Reading

The new rules to win in search and content marketing Search Engine Watch

The new rules to win in search and content marketing Search Engine Watch Almost two-thirds of marketers now admit that digital content strategy powers their entire digital plan and yet the majority of those that use it struggle to create a mix of content ‘good enough’ to win. That is Continue Reading

Four Writing Lessons From Dr. Seuss: Create Instantly Memorable Marketing Copy

Could you create effective marketing copy by imposing limits on how you write? How about using some tricks and tactics that poets–and Dr. Seuss–use! To craft unforgettable, memorable marketing copy, take a page or two from Dr. Seuss. Read the full article at MarketingProfs Source link