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business software systems development Mission builds systems to support a wide range of applications: from simple customer and product databases to complex business flow applications. Whether we are working with a small business or a large corporation, our approach is to work in partnership with our customers, to understand the way in which they work and to help them clearly define their needs. In this way we can build systems that are truely customer driven.

Delivering Solutions
Unlike most software development companies we don't simply focus on the technology. We understand the fact that computer systems are simply a means to achieving wider business or organisational objectives. We believe that the key to building a quality system is to understand the work processes it is intended to support and the environment in which it will operate. Before writing any programs we will, therefore, work closely with our customers to establish exactly what they want the system to do and how it needs to fit into existing systems and processes.

We are also unlike most software development companies because we place value on a partnership approach; where possible we aim to establish long term relationships with customers in order to help them grow existing systems or develop new ones. Our partnership approach is based on providing added value through understanding our customers' business, delivering a quality product and establishing trust.

We understand that delivery of any system is usually only half the job. A system is usually designed to model a discrete process or set of processes, but will rarely encompass a complete business model. Integration is, therefore, a crucial part of our service. We have experience with a variety of systems and integration challenges and this experience allows our solutions to integrate with your existing business systems. Furthermore we are developing our software solutions in such a way that the core logic is built into a set of re-usable components which can then be tied to either a standard application front-end or a web front-end. An in-house and web based solution in one go!

Perhaps you know broadly at this stage the business process which the system must model, but don't know exactly how it will be achieved. If this is the case, we can work with you on a consultancy basis to determine your exact requirements, developing a complete understanding of your business processes, how they effect the way your staff work, how they effect the way you interact with your suppliers and so on. Through this understanding, we can deliver a complete specification, recommending the optimum solution and considering all aspects of the process from beginning to end.

Bespoke web and systems development

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