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Mission Systems is a Brighton based systems development company. We have an extensive and wide ranging client list. From large corporate customers (The Guardian, SmithKline Beecham, South East Water) to small/medium size enterprises. We deliver both in-house and web based systems and as such believe that we are in a unique position to offer you the best possible solution.

A partnership approach to development We are unlike most software development companies because we place value on a partnership approach. Where possible we aim to establish long term relationships with customers in order to help them grow existing systems or develop new ones. Our partnership approach is based on providing added value through understanding our customers' business, delivering a quality product and establishing trust.

Because we understand both sides of development, we take the time to consider how a solution will fit into your overall business. A website with a wealth of functionality can be rendered useless if there is no mechanism to update it. A system which perfectly manages a process, but does not integrate with the rest of your business systems is ineffectual. The world is not a perfect one, and businesses are often complex. As such, we take the time to understand your overall business, and consider carefully how our solution can provide the maximum benefit to you. A complete approach to solution building.

Our business model is built upon establishing long-term relationships with our clients, and the only way we can do this is to consistently impress them with our work. Our marketing strategy is based on this principle. We don't employ sales people, but rely on word of mouth to bring new clients to us.

No matter how big or small the job, we believe we can provide you with the very best solution. If you like our approach, then please get in touch with us ... or read more about how we work with you.

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